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About Sarah Hanson-Young

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Sarah Hanson-Young 1 Jan 2012

Sarah Hanson-Young is an Australian Greens Senator for South Australia and a passionate voice for change in the federal parliament. In 2007 she was the youngest person ever elected to the Senate. Sarah has a young daughter and lives in Adelaide.

Sarah came to The Greens because it was the only party with policies that care for people and the environment. Since taking up her seat in the Senate in July 2008 she has worked passionately on issues including refugee and migrant rights, paid parental leave, marriage equality, protecting South Australia’s precious wetlands and water resources, and delivering quality early education to Australian children.

With a background in activism and campaigning, Sarah has brought a strong human rights focus to her years in Parliament. She is an advocate for treating refugees with compassion and for respecting our international legal obligations.

Sarah has also backed diverse initiatives to ensure better equality of opportunity for women and children. She is particularly proud of having brought about the establishment of a Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People as one of her key achievements in her first term as Senator.

Sarah has also been a consistent voice for South Australia’s right to a healthy, flowing Murray River and iconic Coorong and Lower Lakes.

Sarah continues to work towards positive and transformative goals such as a major solar power plant in Port Augusta, giving same-sex couples the right to marry and finding ways to ensure all Australian children are given the best possible start to life through flexible, high-quality and affordable child care and early education.

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