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The Australian Greens call for the Prime Minister to attend Rohingyan refugee crisis talks

The Australian Greens call for the Prime Minister to provide regional leadership by attending the Rohingyan refugee crisis talks scheduled to be held in Thailand on May 29.

"I'm calling on the Prime Minister today to show up and do something to help. It's time he provided leadership in the region. It's time to show that Australia does care about the lives of people stranded on these boats and care about our regional neighbours struggling with the influx of people who are fleeing persecution" " the Greens immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"Australia's first priority should be to render search and rescue assistance, provide vital humanitarian aid  to save lives, and provide safe haven

"We have a Prime Minister who is more worried about his domestic 'stop the boats' slogan rather than showing any leadership in our neighbourhood. It's time that changed

"Stop sitting on your hands Prime Minister and do something to save the lives of these people stranded out at sea and starving to death

"The boats haven't stopped. The drownings haven't stopped. They're simply happening in our neighbours waters. The Prime Minister is trashing our international reputation and trashing our relationships with our regional neighbours

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