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An Australian Youth Parliament

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Sarah Hanson-Young 13 Aug 2013

The Greens will establish an Australian Youth Parliament to give the next generation a strong national platform and the chance to connect with the real political process.

Young people are keen to contribute to the direction of Australian politics and policy, but feel shut out and disconnected as the old parties fight amongst themselves. The next generation is switching off from decisions that affect them.

As the old parties drag down Australia's political conversation with negative sledging and indistinguishably cruel polices, young people are increasingly uninspired and disengaged by the political process.

The Greens are standing up to turn this trend around, with a new plan to help young people get involved, influence the federal parliament, and gain the skills and confidence to become the next generation of Australian leaders.


  • The Australian Youth Parliament will be held over two days of each parliamentary term. There is currently no national youth parliament so this will build of the successes of those already run in states and territories. 
  • The Federal Parliament will be opened up on a sitting day for a special youth Question Time with Members and Senators. 
  • The Australian Youth Parliament will bring together 226 young people aged 15-21 from across the country. That's 150 to work with the federal House of Representatives, and 76 to work with the Senate. The Greens' proposal for federal funding for the program means any young person can apply, regardless of their resources.
  • The young parliamentarians will be selected by their representative MPs and will spend time with them during the 2 day parliamentary summit.


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