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Australians deserve the truth on Murray Darling Basin

Reports that the South Australian Government may prevent the SA Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission’s final report from being made public show a contempt for the Australian people, and the need for an urgent federal Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin, the Greens say.


“The South Australian Government should not be running a protection racket for their federal counterparts and release this report immediately when the Commissioner delivers it. It’s political interference like this that warrants a federal Royal Commission as a matter of urgency. We need to stop the cover-ups and games, which is why when Parliament resumes I will be asking my colleagues to vote to establish a national Royal Commission,” Greens environment and water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“While the SA Royal Commission is expected within weeks, the scandals and problems continue. As a Senator for South Australia and member of the Federal Parliament, I am formally requesting the Commissioner provides me a copy of the report once it has been delivered to the Governor.


“The Murray Darling Basin Plan has been corrupted, mismanaged and interfered with by all levels of Government. It would be an absolute disgrace for a report investigating these matters to be hidden for political expediency.


“We know that even though the South Australian Royal Commission already had its wings clipped by the Federal and SA Governments the report is expected to be scathing. The Royal Commissioner’s findings should be released without political interference.


“Australians – who have spent $13 billion on a Plan that isn’t working – deserve better than this. The community is expecting the SA Royal Commissioner’s findings on February 1, and deserve to know the truth.”

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