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Australians let down on marriage equality twice in two days

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 21 Sep 2012


The Australian people have been let down by the Australian Parliament for the second time this week as the Senate voted down a bill to establish marriage equality, despite overwhelming public support for the reform.


“Julia Gillard has failed to show leadership on this issue and Tony Abbott has continued to disallow the Coalition a conscience vote, meaning that today the Senate has joined the lower house in failing the Australian public,” Greens human rights spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.


“Together Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott showed a profound lack of leadership and courage in failing to speak in the parliament yesterday as to why they believe the majority of Australians are wrong in wanting marriage equality and wanting all love recognised as equal.


“The Labor Party’s factional bully-boys have killed the bill in an attempt to end debate about this reform, which is both essential and inevitable.


“It’s also worrying to see members of the Labor Party and the Coalition manoeuvring to legislate for civil unions after voting down genuine marriage equality reform.


“Civil unions are simply not a substitute for marriage as they do not represent true equality and only help to entrench discrimination.


“The Greens remain the only party in the federal parliament that has a clear position on supporting marriage equality as well as the leadership to keep fighting for it with bills currently in the upper and lower house.


“The Greens are also leading the way with bills in state parliaments throughout Australia, meaning marriage equality is a real possibility for Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia in the near future.”

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