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Ban alcohol advertising: Greens

The Greens today announced plans to ban alcohol advertising in Australia.

“Alcohol significantly contributes to assaults, accidents and
suicides and the World Health Organisation considers that alcohol has a
similar impact on human health to tobacco,” Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens
Senate candidate for SA said today.

“Australia long ago banned tobacco advertising and sponsorship of
sporting and cultural events. The Greens will apply the same
restrictions to alcohol advertising,” Ms Hanson-Young said.

According to research compiled by the NSW Parliamentary Library alcohol is responsible for:
• 47% of assaults
• 37% and 18% of all road injuries involving males and females respectively;
• 16% of cases of child abuse;
• 12% of male suicides;
• 8% of female suicides;
• 44% of injuries resulting from a fire;
• 34% of drowning incidents;
• 34% of injuries sustained as a result of a fall

The Greens will introduce a private members’ bill to ban alcohol
advertising in Australia which will mirror the Tobacco Advertising
Prohibition Act. In particular, the ban will apply to all television,
radio and billboard advertising with transition arrangements to phase
out the sponsorship of sporting and community events by alcohol

“The ban on tobacco advertising has been highly effective. There is
no reason to doubt a ban on alcohol advertising would be any less

“I would hope that other parties support this ban in a bipartisan
attempt to keep our communities healthier and our children safer,”
concluded Ms Hanson-Young.

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