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"The Abbott Government's significant cuts in foreign aid are short sighted and self-serving and will further damage Australia's poor global reputation on immigration" Greens spokesperson on Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has said.

"With effectively no cuts to aid in Nauru, PNG and Cambodia the government is blatantly paying off these nations to do Australia's dirty work on asylum seeker detention.

"The Australian Government spends 400 million dollars keeping women and children under horrific conditions in detention camps in Nauru rather than taking a regional leadership role in the resettlement of refugees.

"Significant cuts in aid to Afghanistan a source country for refugees, is both irresponsible and morally corrupt.

"Millions of dollars has been slashed from our closest neighbour Indonesia, including a 40 million dollar cut to the International Organisation for Migration. This will lead to dire consequences for the thousands of displaced persons in country and will dramatically affect  Australia's relationships with its neighbour.

"Cuts in aid, continued short sighted and self-serving policies in the resettlement of refugees, the funding of other countries to provide inadequate offshore detention and arrogantly shirking our global responsibilities, as the world experiences it's largest global displacement of people in 65 years, are all hallmarks of the current Australian Government.

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