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Today the Greens are moving amendments to a government migration bill to free children from detention. Over recent weeks and months we have heard horrifying stories of violence, abuse and trauma endured by children and their families. It must end – and the Labor Party and crossbenchers can end it today.

** UPDATE: Thank you for making so many calls to the Labor Party and crossbench and urging them to free children from detention by Christmas. Your message has been heard loud and clear so we are holding calls for now, thank you. Sarah Hanson-Young is speaking on our amendments right now in the Senate - we will update you with the outcome as soon as possible. **

Please continue to tweet and voice your support for our amendments using the hashtag #ChildrenOutByChristmas

What we have asked for:

1 // Our politicians have a legal and moral responsibility to release these children from detention. We have heard about the abuse, violence and trauma that all asylum seekers are exposed to in our offshore detention centres. These conditions are particularly harmful for children, and they should be released by Christmas.

2 // Asylum seekers should not be locked up with criminals. These are some of the most vulnerable men, women and children on the planet, and we are locking them up with people who have committed violent crimes. This must end.

3 // At a bare minimum, we must require mandatory reporting of child abuse in detention centres. We welcome that the Labor Party put forward a private member’s bill about mandatory reporting – now they and the crossbenchers can make that a reality by voting for the Greens’ amendments.

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