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David Littleproud has missed the boat on the MDB crisis

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 22 Jan 2019

The Liberal National Government must stand up to greedy corporate irrigators and the cotton industry by stopping them from taking more than their fair share, and support a Royal Commission, the Greens say.


“Fish are dying because there is not enough water in the River. Until the Water Minister David Littleproud lifts the freeze on water buy backs to restore environmental flows, the Liberal National Government is culpable of hanging the Murray Darling out to dry. We know it is the most economically efficient and environmentally effective way to restore life to the ailing River system,” Greens water and environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“This late-in-the-piece announcement from the Water Minister just confirms this government is content to sit on its hands, because scientists have already told us what the problem is. What we need is a comprehensive probe into the greed and corruption that have left the Basin in collapse. Until that happens the rivers are destined to suffer.


“It will be my first order of business to establish a  Royal Commission when parliament resumes next month. It is time political parties came together to support communities crying out for a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin.”

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