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Deadly consequences of immigration mess

The Australian Greens say recent reports of lives lost at sea will continue to be repeated as long as the old parties continue down the doomed path of deterrence and blame.

“While the Labor Party and Tony Abbott’s Liberals are falling over themselves to blame each other for this mess, the Greens want to offer people safer pathways to stop the loss of life at sea,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson said today.

“Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are locked in a race to the bottom, where both leaders are failing to actually lead.

“It is painfully clear that indefinite and arbitrary detention in island prisons isn’t stopping people coming to Australia by boat.

“The Malaysia people swap isn’t the answer either, it remains illegal and inhumane.

“The Greens want to see a regional approach where the UNHCR’s asylum processing capabilities are significantly boosted in Indonesia and Malaysia.

“We want to see the number of people brought from those countries to Australia drastically increased so people don’t have to take dangerous boat journeys.

“How can we trust Julia Gillard when she says refugees rights will be respected in Malaysia when an Australian Senator was detained and deported there just one week ago?

“If this debate was based on fact, rather than political point scoring and blame games, we would have seen action on safer pathways from the old parties long ago.”

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