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Delay is the deadliest form of denial

The Australian Greens say the Murray Darling Basin Authority's second delay in eight days to the draft report means there's less time for the parliament and public to assess its contents.

"Last week we were cautious about the authority meeting its mid-October deadline and unfortunately we've been proven right," Greens' water and Murray Darling basin spokesperson, Sen. Hanson-Young, said today.

"We're disappointed that there's been yet another delay in this long-overdue draft.

"Despite the MBDA'S promise of 20 weeks for consultations, the Greens are sceptical the public and parliament will have enough time to weigh the draft's merits before the plan is finalised.

"The summer holidays are not an ideal time for effective engagement and consultation with communities who rely on the details of this plan.

"While the river is flowing today, urgent action based on peer-reviewed science is needed to ensure the river system has a future.

"The Authority's chair may say the answers are more than the volume of water sent down stream, but anything less than 4,000 GL won't be enough to protect the river or surrounding communities."

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