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Dodgy desal deal a missed opportunity for SA

An Auditor General’s report released today has shown that proper process was not followed when the Federal Government chose to invest $328 million of tax payer money into the Adelaide desalination plant.

“This has been a huge waste of tax payer money and a big missed opportunity for South Australia,” the Greens water spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“It was either incompetence or self-interest at a federal level that led to the State Government’s funding request being approved after it failed to meet the “merit criteria” that are usually applied.

“If the money that we wasted on this senseless project had been invested in stormwater capturing and treatment we could actually have made great progress towards a sustainable water future for Adelaide.

“We need to have an honest conversation about why this happened and the government’s weasel words around ‘reducing reliance’ on the River Murray needs to end.

“This project has cost us all hundreds of millions of dollars, it hasn’t saved one drop of precious Murray water and now we want answers.”


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