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EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND WORKPLACE RELATIONS REFERENCES COMMITTEE - 17/05/2010 - Primary Schools for the 21st Century program

CHAIR -Senator Hanson Young, do you have any questions?

Senator Hanson Young -I have just one question. It picks up on the concern that you have about not being able to secure funding for the work that you clearly see is needed in your school-and I understand the issues about the various rules and conditions in the guidelines that have been set down. That seems to be one of the key concerns. And then there is the comment you made about facilities being needed in some schools more than others. Would you agree with the sentiment that, despite the fact that it is great to see money going into infrastructure in schools, the targeting is where it has fallen down?

Mr Forrest -I think so, yes. That would be spot on. If all schools had been targeted on a needs basis, that would have been fantastic.

Senator Hanson Young -Okay. Thanks.

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