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Europe sends dysfunctional Morrison Government a wake-up call on climate and trade

The Australian Greens have urged the Morrison Government to heed the warnings of the EU over walking away from our Paris commitments. 


“The world is watching as the Coalition Government goes through a very public, embarrassing identity crisis at a time when leadership on climate change and reducing pollution is needed,” Greens trade spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. 


“The EU has taken a stand against the inclusion of dangerous ISDS clauses in trade negotiations with Australia and now they have to step in and be the adult in the room over our climate commitments.


“It’s shameful that the EU has to step in to hold Australia to account on meeting its commitments all because the Coalition is stuck in the last century. 


“It is a disgrace that a trade deal with world’s second-largest economy, that would benefit all Australians, is in jeopardy because a few dinosaurs in the Liberal party are wedded to the demands of the coal industry. 


“The sooner we can kick this mob out, the better.”

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