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Government’s OSB secrecy slammed in Senate report


A Senate Inquiry into the Government's unprecedented obsession with secrecy under OSB has, today, recommended the Australian Parliament consider changing its procedures.

"The Abbott Government is so obsessed with secrecy that it may force the Senate to change how it operates," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"The Government's policies are forcing brave Australian men and women to risk their lives on the high seas but they are stubbornly refusing to tell the public anything about it.

"Tony Abbott's Tow-Backs and his obsession with offshore cruelty are dangerous and extremely expensive.

"The Government failure to explain the need for OSB secrecy during the inquiry has shown, once again, that it is simply using the Military in a disingenuous political cover-up.

"Australians deserve a clear and transparent Government and the Greens will continue to hold the Abbott regime to account."


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