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Government must act on alleged rape of staff member on Manus Island

The Greens have expressed serious concerns over growing tension between Papua New Guinean authorities and the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, calling on the Australian Government to explain what has happened with three Australian Wilson guards from Manus Island accused of raping a local PNG woman.

“The Government needs to properly explain what has been going on at the Manus Island camp and what they are doing to investigate allegations that three contracted Australian guards raped a local PNG woman who also worked at the centre,” Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“What on earth is going on inside this hellhole and what is Immigration Minister Dutton doing to fix it? 

"Why were the accused guards removed from the island before the police were able to investigate and why has it taken two weeks to get any information out of the Immigration Department about the incident? 

"It looks more and more like the Government and their contractor Wilson Security are in cover up mode.   

“There is clearly a serious breakdown in the relationship between Australian and PNG authorities with a PNG Provincial Police Commander threatening to arrest managers at the Manus camp. This is a serious escalation of the tensions at the camp.

"It's obvious Minister Dutton cannot guarantee the safety of any of the staff let alone refugees in his care.

"How many more rapes, attacks and allegations of mismanagement does there need to be before this hellhole is shut down?” 

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