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Government must release Y-A modelling - Greens

The Government must release the economic modelling it has relied upon when formulating its changes to Youth Allowance, according to the Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

"The Government has been more than happy to sell the winners of these reforms, but when it comes to talking about those who are going to miss out, they are reluctant to tell the whole story."

"How can the Government continue to claim its youth allowance package is budget neutral, when it says it doesn't have detailed modelling at its disposal?"

"There's no education revolution if there's no students to learn, and what we're hearing is students from rural and regional areas are going to be disproportionately hit and less kids from these areas will go to university."

"Concerned parents and students deserve better than this cynical spin. The Government must release its data so that we can have an informed debate," said Senator Hanson-Young, who is attending the Senate Inquiry into the Government's Youth Allowance changes in Canberra today.

Senator Hanson-Young said the Greens still believe more money is needed for Youth Allowance:

"Universities Australia told today's Inquiry that Australia lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to adequately investing in student income support. The Government's attempt to spread limited resources more thinly through its Youth Allowance changes is a case in point."

"The Greens will continue to campaign for increased funding to ensure students receive the financial support they need to get the most out of their education," she concluded.

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