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Government won’t say to Australian public or Nauru government what force will be used to deport refugees

Amidst reports that the first plane load of refugees will leave for Nauru later today, the Government has refused to explain its use of force protocols for executing the transfers and appears to have disregarded the Nauru government's specific condition that force not be used against refugees.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young requested information about use of force in the Senate question time today from Minister Lundy.

"The Government reiterated today that it fully intends to use force that is ‘necessary and reasonable' despite the Nauru foreign minister having specifically requested that no force be used in transfers' said Greens immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young today.

"I would like to know what the Government deems ‘necessary and reasonable' force to use on children and pregnant women who desperately do not want to be indefintely dumped in inadequate conditions in Nauru?

"I gave the Minister three opportunities to clarify whether ‘necessary and reasonable' includes use of weaponry and restraints against refugees but I received no satisfactory answer.

"The Nauru government and the Australian people have a right to know what force will be used against refugees and their children and the Government cannot justify dodging the question.

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