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Greens’ plan for urgent action on Adelaide’s water

While launching the Greens’ urban water plan today, the party’s SA
Senate candidate Sarah Hanson-Young has called on politicians of all
parties to address Adelaide’s water crisis.

“Years of inaction and buck passing has resulted in Adelaide now facing a water emergency,” said Ms Hanson-Young.

“With the impact of climate change predicted to have a devastating
effect on rainfall and evaporation, it is more important than ever to
reduce urban water use.

The Greens’ urban water plan calls for new water use targets and the
establishment of a Water Tight Fund to pay the upfront costs of
integrated household rainwater and water recycling systems.

“Despite our current water restrictions, our water use in Adelaide
has continued to rise. Clearly the system we have now is not working
and we need a better solution.

“This water initiative is a comprehensive plan for managing
sustainability of our urban water supply in our growing cities and
towns, amidst the challenges of a drying climate and diminished

“The Greens’ Water Tight Fund will cover the upfront costs to enable
householders to install integrated rainwater and water recycling

“We need to act urgently to reduce our water use. To do this we need
stringent new water efficiency standards for new developments, and a
per-capita water use target of 100 kilolitres per person by 2012 for
all households,” Ms Hanson-Young said.

The Greens’ plan would require new developments to source the water
they need prior to planning approval being granted. This would include
the requirement of all new housing developments to install integrated
water recycling and re-use systems, and new industrial developments to
meet stringent efficiency standards.

“We can save up to 70% of our current water use by installing integrated water management systems and using water more wisely.

The Greens having been leading the way on urban water managed here
in SA. Greens state MLC Mark Parnell is the chair of the Upper House
Select Committee on SA Water, which is looking at better ways to manage
our state’s water usage.

“Residents right across Adelaide have continued to tell me they
would like to do better when it comes to their own water use, but they
simply don’t have the money up front to install water tanks or
grey-water systems.

“Government must take a leading role in helping the community be
more water savvy. The Greens’ plan do this is ‘water tight’,” concluded
Ms Hanson-Young.

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