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Greens back scientists’ call for stronger enviro laws, restate call for climate trigger

The Greens have backed today’s call by more than 240 conservation scientists for stronger environment laws and for the broken system which is failing to prevent the extinction crisis to be fixed.

“The Greens will fight for stronger laws to protect the environment and save our endangered animals,” Greens Spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Many Australians would be shocked to know our list of endangered animals even includes the iconic koala. It is an international shame that loss of habitat and discard for our environment means our special Aussie animals and species are dying out.

“Australia’s environment laws are way out of date. The scientists are right to say the 10-yearly review of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity and Conservation (EPBC) Act is a ‘once-in-a-decade opportunity’, it certainly is for government. But it’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity to save our threatened species and special places. 

“The EPBC Act has failed not just to prevent extinction but also to ensure Environment Ministers actually act in the best interests of the environment and follow the advice of their own department. This broken system must be urgently fixed.”

Senator Hanson-Young also restated the Greens call for a climate trigger in the EPBC Act.

“We’re in the midst of a climate emergency and unless our environment laws looks at the climate impacts of projects they’ll continue to fail to protect species and habitats,” she said.

“The Environment Minister needs to get on with announcing this review this week. We’ll be watching closely to see the make-up of the review panel and the terms of reference.

“The Coalition has failed our environment over and over, and we simply cannot afford to let them do it again with this review.”

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