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Greens call on new Environment Minister to invest in threatened species recovery for World Environment Day

The Greens are calling on new Environment Minister Sussan Ley to formally respond to the UN’s report on the global extinction crisis by using World Environment day to announce the Morrison Government will adequately fund threatened species recovery.


“Australia has one of the worst extinction rates in the world, yet the Government still has not responded to the UN’s harrowing report on the global biodiversity crisis. New Environment Minister, Sussan Ley has the opportunity to act on World Environment Day. She must put in place a properly funded recovery plan, of $200 million a year, to save our threatened species from death row,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Climate breakdown, land clearing, and invasive species are wreaking havoc on our natural environment. Australia has a major part to play in curbing the extinction crisis, by properly funding threatened species recovery. The new Environment Minister must listen to the science, and the experts, in dealing with this crisis.


“If we don’t act now, species like the plains wanderer, the Fleurieu Peninsula southern emu-wren and the Kangaroo Island dunnart will be lost forever. Koalas could be extinct in NSW in the next 30 years. We must commit to a way off the threatened species list that doesn’t end in extinction.


“The Greens took a comprehensive plan to save our threatened species to the election. We know, with political will, we can get out of this mess. That's why we will continue to fight for our threatened species. New Environment Minister Sussan Ley can take strides toward a better future by responding to this report, and committing $200 million a year to threatened species recovery.


“Our birds, mammals, marsupials, marine and plant life are synonymous with life in Australia. We love our native wildlife and our natural world. We must restore and protect what we have left before it is too late.”

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