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Greens challenge Labor over coal power station and climate change action

During a visit to the South East today, Greens Senate candidate
Sarah Hanson-Young has called on the state and federal Labor parties to
rule out the approval of the proposed a new coal-fired power station
near Kingston.

Both state Labor and Liberal parties have previously given their
support for the proposal for a new 300MW power station fuelled by a
dirty brown coal deposit located north of Kingston.

“If Labor is serious about tackling climate change and achieving the
needed emission reduction targets, they must rule out any approval of
this power station now,” Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“We need to be investing in the infrastructure of clean renewable
energy sources, not in old dirty technology that we know we must leave
behind if we are to avoid dangerous climate change.

“When will the old parties get it? Climate change is real and is affecting South Australia now.

“This is foolhardy and irresponsible. Rather than chasing fools’
gold in unproven carbon capture technology, South Australia should be
investing in viable alternatives such as a solar thermal station and
increasing energy efficiency.

”The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world’s
greenhouse pollution must peak by 2015 and start decreasing. A massive
new coal-fired power station just thumbs its nose at this.

“All the promises of taking climate change made by the Federal Labor
party during this campaign mean bollocks if the party does not rule out
the approval of this power plant.”

The Greens reconfirmed their policy for a 30% reduction below the
1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and 80% by 2050. The
party also has a 25% renewable energy target for 2020.

“Climate change is the big concern for voters this election, yet
neither of the major parties are taking the issue seriously or offering
real solutions,” continued Ms Hanson-Young.

“The Greens will take action on climate change, and help build Australia’s future as a leader in clean renewable energy.

“Actions are louder than words, and on the issue of climate change
Labor and Liberal continue to fail time and time again,” concluded Ms

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