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Greens congratulate HESTA for divesting from cruelty

 HESTA owned a 3 per cent stake in Transfield, valued in excess of $18 million. 

“We welcome HESTA’s corporate leadership on this issue and congratulate HESTA CEO Debby Blakey for taking this step,” Greens Spokesperson for Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“The mounting evidence of abuse and neglect inside the Manus and Nauru camps can no longer be ignored.  The culture of incident cover-ups and lack of transparency has diminished both public and business confidence in the how the camps are operated.

“It is encouraging to see companies who have shares with these Governments contractors questioning whether they can afford to be linked to the serious allegations of sexual assault, child abuse and harm. 

“Last year the Greens and whistle-blowers went public with serious allegations that children had been abused by guards employed at the Nauru camp and that young women had been both raped and pressured into trading sexual favours for access to longer showers and other amenities.  

“We have also heard horrifying evidence at the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Nauru camp that Transfield Services and Wilson Security knew that children they were supposed to look after were being abused and failed to act.

“These companies are making huge profits from running these camps and yet, as whistleblowers have told us at the Inquiry, neglect and abuse inside the camps are rife. 

“Covering up abuse of children and vulnerable men and women is never responsible business practice.

“Public anger is growing at the horrific treatment of men, women and children in our detention camps, and any business invested in the big companies who run them, has to be prepared for public outrage at this abuse and inhumanity.”

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