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Greens launch crystal-clear nuclear policy: No nukes in Australia

The Greens have today warned voters not to be fooled by the major parties’ silence over uranium exports.

“Nuclear is the elephant in the room. Despite the notable silence on
uranium from both major parties, voters ought to be worried about
Australia’s rapidly growing involvement in the global nuclear
industry,” Greens Senate candidate Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“Just like his evasion over his WorkChoices laws at the last
election, Prime Minister Howard’s nuclear agenda of reactors,
enrichment and waste dumps is ready to go on November 25.

“Similarly, voters should be wary of the Labor Party’s strong support for more uranium mines and exports.

“The only way to ensure scrutiny of the nuclear industry is to elect Greens to the Senate.

“The Prime Minister’s plan for a nuclear Australia has been hidden
carefully during the campaign, despite his agenda of having 25 reactors
to be located across the country. And if he somehow manages to win this
election, he will launch swiftly into his agenda to make Australia home
to nuclear power, uranium enrichment and a global nuclear waste dump.

“On the Labor front, Mr Rudd has avoided having to defend his
party’s inherent contradiction between nuclear power in Australia but
their unbridled support for uranium mining and exports.

“South Australians should be very concerned. We have the world’s
largest uranium mine and a state Labor government gung-ho about
expanding it.

“If the ALP think nuclear power is too dangerous for Australians,
why is it safe for Indonesians and our other neighbours? Why is it safe
to sell nuclear material to Putin’s Russia?

“Labor’s position on nuclear issues is half pregnant and hypocritical.

“The Greens’ position on uranium is very clear. The Greens want a nuclear-free Australia
Nuclear power is too slow, expensive and dangerous to be an effective
climate change solution. We will do everything we can in the Senate to
get Australia right out of the nuclear industry.

“If Mr Rudd wins on Saturday, Australians will need the Greens in
the Senate to expose the rush for new mines and the dangers inherent in
selling uranium to other parts of the world,” concluded Ms Hanson-Young.

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