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Greens launch #SaveKidsTV campaign to defend Australian children’s television

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 27 Apr 2017

The Australian Greens have today launched the #SaveKidsTV campaign to protect children’s storytelling in Australia.

#SaveKidsTV will seek to protect our children’s television industry by highlighting the challenges that the sector faces from new streaming services like Netflix and Stan while also pushing for the government to strengthen the requirements of television broadcasters to produce and air high quality locally made children’s content.

“Australian children’s television is in a fight for its life,” the Greens’ arts and youth spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Children’s television has played a crucial role in our country and the development of young Australians for generations, but the media landscape is undoubtedly shifting.

“New players like Netflix and Stan have changed the way that all of us, including young people, consume media and they can't be allowed to leave children’s TV behind.

“In an ever-connected and global world, our children need safe places where they can see their own world reflected back to help them make sense of it. Every culture needs to tell their own stories, for learning and reflection, quality children’s TV is one way of helping our kids to make sense of what it means to be Australian and how we connect with each other and those beyond our borders.

“It’s disappointing to see the major television channels trying to get out of their obligations to make high quality children’s programs simply because they can’t compete for ratings with the likes of MasterChef and Married at First Sight.

“The Greens will be moving in the Senate to support children’s television in Australia and strengthen the requirements for our broadcasters.

“From Bananas in Pyjamas to the legendary Round the Twist, high quality Australian-made children’s television has always played an important role in shaping young hearts and minds in this country.

“Parents know Australian children’s programming is too important to lose, and that’s why we will fight to #SaveKidsTV.”


Media Contact: Amy Moran 0427 604 760

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