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Greens lead the way with carbon positive campaign and best climate change policies

The Greens have cemented their place as the most environmentally
progressive party, not only by gaining top marks on party scorecards by
environmental organisations, but also by running a carbon positive
campaign for the 2007 federal election.

‘Carbon positive’ means that the Greens will go one better than
running a carbon neutral campaign, and will actually offset even more
than their own carbon emissions.

“For years now the Greens have said we can’t afford to be complacent
about global warming,” Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Senate candidate said

“The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change cannot be ignored by political leaders – the picture painted of
our earth if action is not taken is nothing less than stark and

”Each of us must take responsibility for tackling climate change.

”Even at election time, the Greens continue to lead the way in ‘walking the talk’.”

The organisation Climate Friendly has been engaged to calculate
emissions associated with the Greens’ federal election campaign in
2007, and in South Australia not-for-profit organisation Canopy will be
offsetting the SA Greens’ carbon footprint through the planting of
carbon sinks in the Hartley area, about 60km south-east of Adelaide.

Approximately one-third of a hectare will be planted to offset (and
exceed) the SA Greens’ estimated carbon footprint of 80t of CO2.

”The Greens are committed to making a positive impact on the
environment during our campaign, through both our words and our actions.

“It’s an honour that our forward-thinking policies have topped the
party scorecards of respected environmental organisations and campaigns
including the Australian Conservation Foundation, The Big Switch and
the Climate Institute,” said Ms Hanson-Young.

”We hope other parties will follow our lead, offsetting their own
emissions and implementing real climate change solutions,” concluded Ms

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