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Greens Move For Six Months Plus Super in Paid Parental Leave Scheme

The Australian Greens will be moving to give working parents protection and certainty when the Government's Paid Parental Leave Scheme comes before the Senate, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has confirmed today.

"There are a number of deficiencies in the Government's plan; from its failure to actually guarantee leave, to defying World Health Organisation standards and dudding working parents out of superannuation. Many parents are concerned that the Government is not delivering on what it promised," said the Greens' Spokesperson for the Status of Women, Senator Hanson-Young.

"A mere 18 weeks means Australia would lag behind other countries with Paid Parental Leave - we need 6 months, in accordance with the recommended minimum from the World Health Organisation.

"There's also a need to ensure that superannuation is rolled into the scheme to bridge the retirement gap between men and women.

"Perhaps most disturbing is the failure to guarantee leave. If an employee has been working for less than 12 months, they are eligible for the payment but they have no guarantee they can return to their job if they take leave.

"The leave needs to be guaranteed under the Fair Work Act - it's fundamental to any Paid Parental Leave Scheme being a true workplace entitlement.

"The Greens want six months Paid Parental Leave, with super and a guarantee that parents will keep their jobs. We'll be moving these amendments when the Bill comes before the Senate, to ensure families get the best possible scheme to support them."

Further detail on the Greens amendments is available on request.

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