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Greens policies top party scorecards

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 21 Nov 2007

Greens policies have been commended by professional organisations
across a variety of issues during this federal election campaign,
Greens Senate candidate for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young pointed
out today.

Ms Hanson-Young today released a list of policy scorecards
indicating the widespread support the Greens have received from
industry and lobby groups.

“Whether it be climate change, health, education or WorkChoices, our
policies have received ticks of approval from experts and those working
on the frontlines of these fields,” Ms Hanson-Young said.

“Climate change is the number one issue for voters in this campaign,
and only the Greens have shown real leadership on it, with our
achievable emission reduction targets and focus on shifting the economy
from dirty oil and coal to clean renewable energy.

“It’s no wonder leading environmental groups the Australian
Conservation Foundation, the Big Switch website and the Climate
Institute have given our climate change policies top marks.”

“Industrial relations has been a drawcard for workers. Many unions have welcomed the Greens’ promise to shred WorkChoices.”

“The National Rural Health Alliance and the Doctors Reform Society
have both backed our health policy, recognising the value of pooling
state and federal health funds and spending them on the basis of need.
We will significantly boost primary health care, including mental
health services, and address the critical shortage of doctors and

“In education, both the Australian Secondary Principals Association
and the National Tertiary Education Union have praised our policies,
which will boost funding to public schools and universities, and
abolish HECS.”

“Unlike the old parties, the Greens haven’t just splashed around
cash totalling more than $60 billion. We will put the $34 billion in
tax cuts towards vital government services such as health, education
and public transport, to move Australia forward to a more equitable and
sustainable future,” concluded Ms Hanson-Young.

Details of the party scorecards follow.

Australian Conservation Foundation – How do the parties stack up on climate change?
ACF rates the Greens climate change policies at the top with a score of
94/100, ahead of the Democrats on (90/100), Labor (58/100), Family
First (34/100) and the Coalition (21/100).

The Big Switch
This website of a coalition of environment groups rates the political
parties on global warming. The Greens topped the rankings with a rating
of 4.8 out of 5.

The Climate Institute
Gives the Greens a rating-topping 90 per cent for our policies on climate change.

Friends of the Earth
This scorecard on the nuclear industry gives the Greens full marks for our opposition to all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

National Rural Health Alliance
On October 29, the Rural Health Alliance released a press release titled “Greens show the way on rural and remote health”.
Chairperson Professor John Wakerman said, “The Greens have been the
first to indicate support for the top strategic priorities of the
Alliance - a national inquiry into rural and remote communities and an
explicit national health policy.
“These announcements from the Greens provide a new benchmark for the
other political parties to match, with the Greens now scoring 15 out of
20 on the Alliance’s election scorecard,” said Professor Wakerman.

Doctors Reform Society
Issued a media statement on November 18, declaring the Greens and
Democrats were “demonstrating a much better vision for policies to
bring equity, efficiency, universality, and quality to our health

Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association
CPSA Policy Officer Paul Versteege told Sky News on 24th October 2007.
“[Pensioners] might even vote for the Greens…People that ring up say
‘The Greens, so far, are the only party that has actually said the
pension needs to go up’, so let’s vote for them.”

National Farmers’ Federation
In response to the Greens ‘Farming Renewable Energy’ policy NFF’s Ben
Fargher welcomed the focus by the Greens on agriculture issues.
“If farmers can supplement their farming income through renewable energy, then they will do that.”

Friends of the ABC
The Friends of the ABC ticks the Greens policies on three key issues: a
continued full ban on advertising, independence of appointments to the
ABC board, and funding for Radio Australia.

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