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Greens push for vote on international same-sex marriage Bill as marriage equality advertisement launched

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 6 Jun 2013

The Greens are urging the government to allow a vote on their international same-sex marriages Bill in the Senate before the end of the final sitting fortnight ahead of the September election.

They have also launched their first television commercial of the campaign today, which discusses the widespread community support for marriage equality.


“The Greens care about all Australians, regardless of their sexuality, and that’s why we will keep standing up for the LGBTI community until we achieve equality,” the Greens’ LGBTI spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Thousands of same-sex couples in Australia are being forced to travel overseas to wed and this government is making them leave their marriage certificates at the customs gate when they return.

“The Greens’ Bill in the Senate would see those weddings recognised in Australia in the same way as everybody else’s and I plan to move that Bill to a vote before this Parliament rises.

“Recognising the marriage a couple has had overseas just makes good sense. Denying these marriages once people arrive in Australia is silly and out-dated and can so easily be changed.”

A Greens commercial, detailing the strong community support for marriage equality will air for the first time today.

“The Greens have a long and proud history of standing up for gay and lesbian Australians,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“It’s high time the old parties realised they are behind the times on marriage equality and got on with the business of representing the views of the people who elected them.”


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