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Greens question Windsor’s Murray Darling basin committee report

The Greens are pleased with the release of the House of Representative committee’s report into the Murray Darling basin, but have questioned some of its recommendations.

“We join with environmental groups in expressing our concern with the report’s call for a reassessment of the voluntary water buy-back of certain allocations,” Greens’ spokesperson on the Murray Darling, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

“The Greens do not support this reassessment of because it is a better use of taxpayers’ money to buy  back entitlements now, and deliver the vital water the river system needs to remain healthy, than pay higher costs in the years to come.

“We hope the government and the Basin Authority takes these views into account before the authority’s report is released next year.

“We also urge the government reject any attempts to further delay moves to return more water to the basin, after the basin ministerial council meeting in Adelaide last week requested the Basin Authority to wait until 2019 before they fully enact reforms.

“Delay is the enemy of reform. We cannot afford to sell out the environment once again for the sake of short-sighted politics.”

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