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Greens to stand local man Lynton Vonow in Mayo by-election

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 4 Jul 2008

Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young today
announced Adelaide Hills resident Lynton Vonow as the Greens’ candidate
in the upcoming Mayo by-election.

Vonow, who was also the Greens’ candidate for Mayo in the 2007 federal
election, said he was honoured to re-stand at the by-election. “These
times are desperately critical for the River Murray, Lakes and Coorong,
for our farmers’ viability, for decisively tackling global warming, and
for our regional hospitals.

“A healthy environment is crucial to a strong economy.

“The Greens are the only party have these understandings as core business,” he said.

Last year’s federal election saw the Greens receive nearly 10,000 votes in Mayo, with a swing of more than three per cent.

Mr Vonow has a Science degree and Diploma of Education and works as
a School Services Officer. He grew up on a wheat and sheep farm, has
lived in the Adelaide Hills for thirteen years, and is a former
Landcare group chairman.

Senator Hanson-Young, who this week officially became South
Australia’s first Greens Senator, said Mr Vonow was a strong candidate
for Mayo.

“The Greens vote in South Australia is growing and growing. The
latest Newspoll puts us at nine per cent of the primary vote, up from
6.9 at last year’s federal election.

“Voters have embraced the Greens as the true alternative, as the
difference between the two major parties shrinks smaller and smaller.

“Lynton has been consistently campaigning within his community since
last year’s federal election and I will be strongly supporting his
campaign, along with my four fellow Greens Senators.

“This by-election is an opportunity for the people of Mayo to secure
Greens representation in both the House of Representatives and the
Senate, and ensure that key issues like saving the River Murray are
firmly on the political agenda,” Senator Hanson-Young concluded.

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