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Greens urge Arts Minister to stop talking and start spending

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 26 Jul 2021

The Morrison Government must urgently deliver targeted and adequate funding support to the the Arts and Entertainment Industry, the Greens say.

Greens Spokesperson for Arts Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: 

“Australia’s Arts and Entertainment Industry has been pummelled by this crisis from the very beginning and it is still suffering. 

“The Morrison Government has failed to provide adequate support to help the Industry survive, to help workers put food on the table and pay rent, and to keep doors open in the future.

“The Greens are calling for the RISE fund to be uncapped so that those who need support can get it. 

“The Morrison Government had no problems uncapping the grants for the construction industry and extending initial funding even further, why won’t they do the same for the arts and entertainment industry?

“The arts, entertainment and tourism industries in particular, have not been able to recover and have had little support. JobKeeper should never have been taken away and should be reinstated immediately.

“The government must also establish a federal insurance guarantee for the Arts Industry. 

“Gigs and festivals across the country have been cancelled or postponed and not for the first time. The industry needs to know it is insured for any losses incurred due to snap lockdowns and Covid outbreaks or it will struggle to reschedule events and recover.

“I wrote to the Treasurer and Arts Minister months ago calling for an insurance guarantee. It seems much like the pleas of the entire Industry, this has fallen on deaf ears.

“The support given by the Morrison Government to workers in lockdown states is insufficient and will not help many artists and entertainers due to the nature of their work. 

“The Arts Minister needs to show he truly understands the Industry he is supposed to represent and start walking the talk, by making more money available and getting it out the door faster. 

“We stand to lose a generation of artists and entertainers, many have been lost during the past year already, it will be on the Morrison Government if that happens.”

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