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Greens welcome new parental leave report

The Greens have welcomed a new report recommending the introduction of paid parental leave in Australia, saying it is yet more evidence that the Federal Government should provide for such a scheme in the upcoming Federal Budget.

Long overdue: The macroeconomic benefits of paid parental leave was released by the Australia Institute today, which says a paid parental leave scheme in Australia would pay for itself, stimulate the economy and create 9,000 new jobs.

“The Greens warmly welcome the Australia Institute’s report,” said Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

“The evidence is right there that a paid parental leave scheme is good for parents, good for kids, and good for the economy in both the short-term and the long-term.

“As the Australia Institute’s report points out, a paid parental leave scheme will end up paying for itself, as well as providing all of these great benefits.”

Senator Hanson-Young said paid parental leave must be provided for in the May Budget.

“Paid parental leave should be a Budget priority for a Government who wants to support working mums and dads,” she said.

“Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard just last year admitted that it is an issue that has been neglected for a long period time – this neglect must not be prolonged.

“Let’s see us bite the bullet, as Prime Minister Rudd has himself suggested, and introduce paid parental leave this Budget.”

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