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Greens welcome SA government study into environmental water requirements for Murray Darling Basin

The Greens have welcomed the SA government's environmental water requirements study, which has been peer-reviewed by the Goyder Institute, to demonstrate what is needed to keep the Murray mouth open and ensure a healthy river system.

"We've always maintained that the protections the river needs must be based on scientific evidence," SA Greens senator and spokesperson for water and the Murray Darling Basin, Sarah Hanson-Young, said today.

"What this shows is further evidence that unless the forthcoming draft report from the MDBA includes a minimum of 4,000 GL, it is not going to save the Coorong, Lower Lakes and the Murray Mouth.


"There's little point enacting these reforms unless they achieve security for the environment and basin communities once and for all.

"Incremental change will merely mean in a few short years we will still be where we are now.


"Returning a minimum of 4,000 GL, with the built-in increase to adapt to the consequences of climate change, is vital."


The report states:


Most of the SA Government targets are not met under any of the Guide scenarios.

High-flow targets are met under all scenarios, but low-flow targets are not, even under the 4000 GL scenario. It should also be noted that all CLLMM-specific targets are met under the without-development scenario, while none are met under the baseline scenario. (p.49)


"We have the potential to secure the communities along the banks of the basin, ensure enough water for food production, and protect the environment, but we must get it right," Sen. Hanson-Young said.


"South Australia has the most to lose in this, so we must ensure the impending decisions to be taken by the Murray Darling Basin Authority and other responsible entities are the right ones."

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