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Greens will hold Labor to high environmental standard

The Labor Party has shown it cannot be trusted on protecting the environment following its draft policy backflip, the Greens say.


“Labor’s flip-flopping on the environment is more than disappointing to voters; it lets down future generations, our threatened species and the planet,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“It sends a terrible message when environmental policy is scrapped before it even gets to Labor’s national conference. It's clear we need Greens in the Senate to ensure strong action on the environment following the next election.


“Today, the UN biodiversity conference is meeting in Egypt, sending a signal to the world that our planet is in the midst of an extinction crisis. The South Australian State of the Environment report has revealed much more needs to be done to arrest climate change if we are going to do our bit to save the planet, and the species who live in our state. The Labor Party must listen to the experts who say we are at a tipping point in protecting the environment and our biodiversity, not put their heads in the sand.


“It comes as little surprise that a party that backs mining and burning fossil fuels and is split on drilling in the Great Australian Bight has failed the environment before it even reaches the first hurdle.


“It seems under Labor we will continue to contribute to a warming planet at a time when action to arrest climate change is more urgent than ever. Greens in the Senate will hold the Labor party to account on environmental protections and investment.


“We have the golden opportunity to be the generation that saves the planet. While the Labor Party fight internally over whether or not to protect the environment, the Greens continue to be the clear environmental choice for voters.”

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