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Hanson-Young challenges Minister to debate on the state of nation's Environment

Greens environment and water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has today challenged Environment Minister Melissa Price to a debate, following the release of the harrowing biodiversity report on Monday.


“Melissa Price cannot keep hiding from her responsibilities to the environment or her accountability to voters. I challenge her to a debate in Adelaide on our environment prior to the election,” Senator Hanson-Young said.


“Melissa Price has been missing in action. Yesterday we laid eyes on the UNs damning biodiversity report. Again we find this Government’s response lacking and our Environment Minister unable or unwilling to answer the hard questions.


“Melissa Price and the Liberals cannot be trusted to take the bold strides towards environmental repair and protection that are urgently needed. Australia leads the world in mammal extinctions and is the only developed country on a list of 11 deforestation hotspots. We urgently need leadership and instead we are met with silence.


“It is time for Melissa Price to front up to the public and explain her and her government’s appalling record. She has a responsibility to explain to voters, and those too young to vote who have been protesting for action on climate change, why she has failed to take the environment seriously.


“The Greens have the most comprehensive policy to restore nature and act on climate change. We will use our numbers in the Senate to push the next government to act on the extinction crisis and save our environment.”

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