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Hanson-Young pre-selected as SA Greens’ lead candidate for Senate in 2013

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has today been chosen as the Australian Greens' lead candidate for the South Australian in the 2013 election and will continue being a strong, progressive, local voice in the fight against the Abbott Coalition.

"I am humbled and honoured that my fellow Greens members have selected me as their lead candidate here today in Adelaide," Sen. Hanson-Young said.

"We've made great progress in our goals of ensuring a more fair and equitable society and we have worked hard to deliver a price on carbon to help transition our economy for a more sustainable future and tackle climate change.

"A price on pollution is needed to make the biggest polluters pay their fair share. We have also started the creation of a national Denticare scheme for all Australians funded through Medicare.

"We must continuing standing up for the rights of our Murray river, as the health of the system and of dependent communities is at risk unless the Murray Darling Basin Authority's management plan is improved.

"I also helped South Australian senators in lobbying the ABC to keep broadcasting the SANFL competition, because our local footy is a cherished part of our identity as South Australians.

"The Greens give voters who are sick of the constant negativity of the old parties a real alternative, offering innovative and progressive ideas for a better and healthier Australia.

"I will continue to offer a progressive voice for South Australians who want policy outcomes that are long-term and future focused.

"We cannot risk letting Tony Abbott have the keys to the Senate, only to stifle progressive reform and make the lives of the most vulnerable even tougher.

"A Coalition-controlled Senate would stop South Australians from getting a fairer deal out of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. The Coalition favours the rights of upstream states and doesn't want more water, ignoring the fact that to save our river we need to give back the water it needs.

"I will continue negotiating and pushing for federal reforms to early childhood education and care, such as directly funding childcare centres and lifting the wages of staff.

"Too many people are leaving the industry and parents are increasingly frustrated at the lack of flexible options and long waiting lists, but the Greens have policies which will help them.

"Lastly, I will continue helping lead the nationwide, unstoppable push to achieve marriage equality so that same-sex adult couples in South Australia and elsewhere can marry the person they love in the country they love.

"The 2013 election campaign will be a tough one, but I've shown South Australians I know how to fight and stand up for their rights. I hope I am given the privilege of again representing them."

The party also endorsed former senior public servant and small business owner, Nikki Mortier, as the number two on the ticket.

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