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High Court forces Abbott government’s hand

"The High Court has confirmed that the Abbott government is holding men, women and children in custody on the high seas”, Senator Hanson-Young said. 

"Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison's nasty secret is out. The ugly truth is that the Government has been keeping dozens of children detained out on the high seas.”

“These families have been at sea for over three weeks; they are anxious and frightened”.

“This is Tony Abbott’s Tampa, the longer these people are held the more dangerous the situation.”

“Just bring them to Australia and asses their claims here, they have committed no crime.”

“It is now essential the Government ensure that the asylum seekers have proper and fair access to their legal representation.”

"The Government has shown total contempt for the truth and for the rights of the Australian people to know what is being done in their name. Thankfully the courts have been able to shed some light on this immoral behaviour.”

“We will be watching the High Court’s further deliberations closely over the coming days.” 

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