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Israel - Palestine

Sarah Hanson-Young 22 Jun 2009

Senator HANSON-YOUNG - I move the amended motion, as circulated in the chamber:

That the Senate supports the call by the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms Gillard) on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation program Lateline, 16 June 2009, to support:

(a) a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine
conflict; and

(b) a halt to Israel's settlement activity.
Senator PARRY (Tasmania) (3.34 pm) - by leave - I indicate that the coalition cannot support this motion, even in its amended form. Whilst the sentiment of the motion does, in part, line up with the coalition's views, the motion is one-sided and makes no mention of Hamas and Hezbollah recognising Israel's right to exist and halting their campaign of terror and violence. In its current form we cannot support the motion.

Question agreed to.

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