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Keeping Families Together

Late last night our Greens motion passed the Senate - preventing Abbott from reintroducing Temporary Protection Visas that would see children, parents and families left with no hope of being reunited.

Today we can celebrate a win for basic decency and human rights. But Abbott’s agenda extends far beyond TPVs. The Government‘s obsession with fear mongering and cruelty has extended to tearing  families apart - with mothers and fathers being forcibly separated from their newborn babies.

Click here to spread the word that we don’t support the Abbott Government’s heartless separations of vulnerable families.

Latifar, a young woman who fled persecution in Myanmar, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in Brisbane. They were allowed just four days together in hospital before she was separated from her sick child and sent back to detention with limited visitation rights.

A policy of separating mothers from their children is inhumane: speak out against Abbott’s cruelty.

Next week I will introduce a motion to the Parliament condemning the separation of parents from their newborn babies. I am asking every Senator to search their conscience and vote in favour of fairer treatment for refugee families.

Share our graphic to show Senators that Abbott’s fear mongering isn’t working - and that Australians don’t support his cruelty.

Abbott’s government has one agenda - to cause as much pain, confusion and desperation for some of the world’s most vulnerable people who seek safety and asylum here in Australia.

Together we will do everything in our power to stop him.

Yours in hope,

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

P.S. My motion is simple, it simply asks for what every one of us would consider a basic human right - that the government should "give mothers and fathers of newborn babies unrestricted access to their children".  Please share this image and let your friends and family know what Abbott is doing to families in their name.

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