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Labor failing to secure car workers’ future in Vic and SA: Bandt and Hanson-Young

Responding to announcements that 500 jobs will be slashed from Holden's operations in Melbourne and South Australia, Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has criticised the Federal government for failing to secure jobs and plan for an electric car future.

"Labor has handed over cash to Holden without getting any guarantees of job security for workers and their families," said Mr Bandt.

"Holden has received $2.2 billion in federal government subsidies over 12 years, yet they continue to slash jobs.

"There is no long term future for jobs if the industry cannot survive and export. Survival means real innovation and that means moving away from fossil fuels.

"The world is moving to electric mobility. Labor needs to help the industry get ahead of the game and shift gears to electric cars.

"It's time governments put some conditions on the support they give to car companies, like job security and a plan for a clean transport future.

"The Greens support helping those sectors that are doing it tough but Labor has let the Australian car industry stall."

Senator for South Australia, Sarah Hanson-Young, said South Australians were sick of the constant announcement of job losses and the insecurity it brings.

"I'm disappointed that Holden has decided to repay significant investment of public money with massive layoffs in South Australia," South Australian Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"It is clear that handouts of public money need to be linked to guarantees for local employees and job security through investment in the electric car industry.

"South Australia should be transformed into the electric car capital of Australia, because green cars are the automotive industry of the future. 

"This constant cycle of Holden taking public money before laying off local workers is unsustainable and unfair.

"Investing both money and skills to make South Australia an electric car centre makes sense now and will pay dividends into the future."


More information:

Sam La Rocca (Bandt) 0413 620 073

Noah Schultz-Byard (Hanson-Young) 0427 604 760



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