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Lay off the ‘parent guilt’: Greens

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 21 Jan 2015

“Fred Nile's comments are naive and misinformed. He is completely out of touch with the needs of modern day parents”, Greens’ spokesperson for early childhood education and care, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Comparing childcare to orphanages is absurd and an insult to both women and men around the country.

“It's time for selective moralisers like Mr Nile to lay off the ‘parent guilt’”.

“0 to 5 years old is the most crucial period of a child's development. We know that high quality early childhood education and care is an essential part of assisting children’s learning and development.

“What we need is well funded options to help parents be the best nurtures they can be and ensure that all children have the opportunity to access quality education and care that is affordable.

“Any suggestion otherwise is naive and an affront to every day Australians.

“Fred Nile has just proven again what a goose he really is.”

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