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Liberals’ empty environment promises

The Liberal Party’s piecemeal promises on the environment will not undo the damage their billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies have done to our natural world, the Greens say.


“This is way too little, way too late from the Liberal Government. Today’s offering is a drop in the ocean to try and appease voters in Victoria rather than properly investing in environmental restoration and tackling dangerous climate change,” Greens environment and water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Melissa Price has been Australia’s worst Environment Minister. She’s overseen cuts to her department and ticked off on shonky approvals for her mining mates on the eve of the election.  Today’s she was kept away from Prime Minister’s key environment announcement, keeping her from stuffing up another interview.


“It’s clear the Liberals will never do right by the environment. When they’re handing $20 billion out in subsidies for fossil fuels, they are funding the destruction of our environment.


“Under the Greens plan for the environment, the big polluters would pay for the restoration of the environment and protecting our native species.


“With Adani facing another setback because of its inadequate plan for the black-throated finch, voters are faced with a clear choice this election. A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the big miners over the environment.


“Under our plan projects like drilling in the Great Australia Bight would never go ahead, and the animals that depend on the Bight – like the Australian sea lion – would be fully protected.


“Australians have a clear choice. If they want real action on climate change, the protection, and restoration of our environment, and a plan to save our threatened species, they have to vote Green on May 18.”

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