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Make an urgent call

Thank you for agreeing to make a call to the Labor Party to urge them to stand up to the Abbott Government, and for the rights of asylum seekers and the rule of law, today.

The Senate is debating the Government's bill as we speak - so we don't have long.

Call - Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on (02) 6277 4022

Call - Richard Marles, MP on (02) 6277 4330

You are asking the Labor Party to stand up to the Abbott Government and support the Greens' amendments which at least put some limits on the cruelty of the current detention centre system.

The Australian Greens have proposed:
1 // A three-month limit on detention
2 // Children should be deported to offshore to be locked in detention
3 // Journalists should be allowed in
4 // There should be mandatory reporting of child abuse
5 // The Human Rights Commission should be given access to inspect these camps and report on conditions

These are the five things we are asking the Labor Party to support today.

We don’t have much time -- please take 5 minutes to call the Labor Party.

And then, please click here and let us know how it went.

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