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Ministerial statement on National Archives Australia

Speeches in Parliament
Sarah Hanson-Young 23 Feb 2010

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (6.49 pm) - by leave -

On the same matter, just briefly: I do tend to agree with Senator Ronaldson in that I think it is a little ironic that the government are now taking credit for the work of saving the National Archives offices around the country.

It is of course because of the people in Hobart, Adelaide and Darwin who came to their elected representatives and said, ‘We need to see these offices saved,' and it is because of the work of their senators on this side of the chamber - the opposition and the Greens, including Senator Milne and Senator Brown in Tasmania - to ensure that those people's voices were heard.

That is why those offices have been saved.

Debate interrupted.



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