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Morrison Govt and One Nation vote against koala protections

The Morrison Government and One Nation have teamed up to vote against a moratorium on the clearing of koala habitat in the Senate today.

Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who moved the motion for the moratorium said:

“The Morrison Government and One Nation have disgracefully voted against protecting the koala today.  

“If habitat loss does not stop, koalas will soon be extinct.

“But clearly the profits of the Morrison Government’s mining and developer mates are more important than saving our national treasure.

“It is no secret that our iconic koala is on the brink yet the Environment Minister continues to approve mining and development projects that decimate its critical habitat.

“Last week the Minister signed the death warrant of koalas impacted by the Narrabri gas project and just weeks earlier those who call the site of a new cement quarry at Port Stephens home.  

“Our environment laws are failing our koalas and our other precious wildlife. We must stop destroying their habitat before it’s too late.

“The Greens won’t be giving up the fight for our national treasure this easily.”

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