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Morrison must strip Nationals of water portfolio

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 23 Jun 2021

Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young has today called for the Nationals to be stripped of the water portfolio following the return of Barnaby Joyce to the leadership.

“After just two days with Barnaby Joyce back in the leadership, the Nationals have launched an extraordinary attack on the River Murray and the people and environment of South Australia.

“This is a direct challenge to Scott Morrison today, stand up to the water terrorists and make sure that Barnaby Joyce never gets his hands on Australia’s water policy ever again.

“South Australians remember that last time Barnaby Joyce was in charge of the water portfolio that he oversaw rorting, water theft and the use of public money as a slush fund.

“The Nationals have always been more interested in looking after their corporate irrigator mates than the people or environment. They deny climate change, deny science and they cannot be trusted to manage the Murray Darling Basin.

“Scott Morrison must be a national leader and strip the Nationals of the water portfolio. When it comes to water he has one job, tell the National party to back off and take their hand off our water.

“As we head to an election, the people of South Australia should think carefully about who they want in control of our precious Murray. South Australians should not support the Liberal Party if they are unable to stand up to the bullies of the National Party. South Australians need representatives who will put the people and environment of South Australia above petty leadership squabbles in Canberra.

“The Murray Darling Basin Plan, including the 450GL promised to South Australia must be delivered on time and in full.”

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