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Move 18 Indonesian children out of adult prisons now

The Australian Government must urgently move 18 Indonesians who claim they are minors out of adult prisons and into appropriate facilities while their cases are being reviewed, the Australian Greens said today.

"If you think they might be children, get on with it and get them out of adult prisons now and into facilities appropriate for children," Greens' immigration and youth affairs spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

"The Attorney-General's department has conceded the age claims of the Indonesians have merit, so it should not dawdle by keeping these 18 young people alongside potentially dangerous adult offenders.

"Four more young Indonesians who told Australian authorities they were minors are today going home, but why were they convicted and jailed as adults?

"This is further evidence why the Greens have been saying there's a problem with how the Australian government treats Indonesians who crew asylum seeker boats.

"How will our government compensate them for taking three years of their lives? Will they also be denied an apology like the three Indonesians sent home last month?

"The Senate inquiry, initiated by the Greens, will look into how these children were detained, what procedures were in place, and what can be done to stop these problems from recurring."

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