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Nauru not fit for Australian funding

Following New Zealand's decision to suspend all justice funding being given to Nauru, the Australian Greens have called on the Abbott government to do the same.

"As long as the Abbott government keeps sending cash to Nauru, Australian tax payers' money is being wasted," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"Gripped in the throes of a systemic legal collapse, the Nauruan government should not be receiving kickbacks from Australia.

"New Zealand have realised that the Nauruan justice system cannot be trusted with its money, but Australia is so desperate to lock refugees up there that it will apparently turn a blind eye to anything.

"Any real commitment to helping the people of Nauru would come with genuine efforts to re-establish the rule of law on the island. Until that happens, the Nauru refugee camp should be closed.

"It is farcical for Tony Abbott to reward the island's government after it oversaw the sacking of the judiciary, expelled opposition MPs from Parliament and clamped down on free press."


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