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New ad shows Greens’ SA seat crucial to protecting Senate from Abbott

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Sarah Hanson-Young 9 Jun 2013

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young today launched an election commercial showing South Australians why a Greens vote in the Senate is a vote against Tony Abbott having total control over Parliament.

“It’s looking very likely that Tony Abbott will become Prime Minister in September, and in that case it’s imperative that there is a strong voice in the Senate to stand up to his extreme agenda,” said Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in Adelaide today.

“The Greens’ Senate seat in South Australia is crucial to making sure that Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi can’t run riot across both houses of Parliament wrecking whatever they want. 

“Tony Abbott is coming after my seat because it would deliver him total control over Parliament.

“South Australians hold the key in deciding how much power Tony Abbott can wield in his attacks on workers’ rights, the environment and even the ABC. 

“The Greens’ new TV ad gives a very clear message to South Australian voters that if they want to stop Tony Abbott putting a wrecking ball through health, education and environmental protections, then they must vote Green in the Senate.

“The Greens have the guts to stand up for what matters, and we won’t let Tony Abbott wreck the positive reforms that generations of Australians have fought for."


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